Travel the sea way

Travel by express boat from Bergen

Taking the express boat from Bergen to Balestrand is a very pleasant and scenic way to travel.

Timetables and bookings:

I recommended option that several visitors choose is to take the boat to Leikanger (, rent a car, and then travel by car to Fresvik: 50 min. drive including the ferry Hella-Vangsnes (


Travel by passenger boat from Flåm or Balestrand

In the summer, you may take a passenger boat directly to Fresvik, from either Flåm or Balestrand. Do note that the boat has to be booked in advance when travelling from Fresvik (0047 57 75 70 00).

Timetables and booking for Route 14-141 Flåm-Balestrand:

It normally leaves Flåm 3.30 pm and arrives in Fresvik 4.10 pm. Return is 12.40 from Fresvik and 1.25 in Flåm. The timetable is set annualy and may change from year to year.