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Frøys hus is a great starting point for a trip to the nearby Nærøyfjorden which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The nature in the Sogn og Fjordane region is stunning, and there are lots of outdoor activities to enjoy. The glacier Fresvikbreen has an area of 15 km² and can be hiked, as can the surrounding mountains. One can fish in the fjords or visit historical buildings peppered all around the region. And finish off the day with a soak in the newly installed hottub.

You my also be able to enjoy a very special hot tub experience in the midst of the forest, offered by our partners. Chances are, you will feel so warm that you will be tempted to jump into the glacial river running by! After your hot tub experience, you may also join in a wooden hut nearby, for some storytelling, local food and beverages around the bond fire. This is an authentic and unique experience only accessible to very few people.

Hiking in Fresvik – Mulakamben

A hike up to Mulakamben offers great view points of Fresvik, the Sognefiord and the Aurlandsfiord. Maps and photos of the trip …

New hot tub installed

One of our projects this year was to install a outdoor hot tub at Frøys hus. We started making the garden surrounding …